Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Role of Health and Exercise Science in Human Science

By Rebecca A. Hess

At first glance, you might think that the title of this blog insinuates that I am questioning the inclusion of our profession into the most gracious host area, human sciences.  This is not the case, but rather a snapshot view of our related fields and a self-validation of our profession.  As an educator in the area of human movement for over more than thirty years, I have come to wonder, do we know where we have come from, what are hoping to do, and where we want to go from here?  A few years ago, I presented a general panel session titled The Role of Health Science in Honors at the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference (NCHC) in Washington, D.C. with two past honors and Kappa Omicron Nu student athletic training seniors.  My proposed question was to raise the similar issue on academic and personal responsibility.  This information and query is as an extension of that panel topic that will further explore the role of health and exercise science in the human sciences, as well as honors programs which have traditionally focused on development of the humanities.     Continue reading