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4 Years of the Cal U – Jamaica Learning Community

By Joni Craymer Roh

Over the past 3 years, KON (Nu Omicron chapter) has worked with the faculty and students in the Nursing Department to deliver distance education to children, young adults and caregivers in Jamaica.  As the title reads: Global Health Through A Learning Community Without Borders, Dr. Cheryl Hetman, RN is the director of the program and is a member of the Nursing Department.  Dr. Hetman has worked closely with Dr. Carol Biddington (KON member — Co Adviser) in the Exercise Science and Sport Studies Department over the years, to deliver various health topics to caregivers in Jamaica.  KON students are asked to specifically present/lecture and demonstrate areas such as contractures, first aid, massage, and range of motion (ROM) to caregivers in Jamaica via distance education.  The bottom 6 photos is a representation of the KON students and staff presenting; and if you look close enough you can see the distance education screen and Jamaicans.  The entire pdf is a poster representing this Service Learning outlining how the evolution has occurred over time and who has been involved with program.  This poster was presented at the Cal U Academic Excellence Days.

Four years ago the group was designed to be a multidisciplinary, multicultural, collaborative Learning Community with a focus on global health, and ultimately, on improving the well-being of hundreds of impoverished, marginalized children and young adults living at Mustard Seed Communities (MSC) mission in various parts of Jamaica. Over the years this program has evolved and expanded to meet the needs of MSC.

View the project presentation (PDF)