Finding Fashion in Paris

By Carleigh Rose, Iowa State University

My international experience is over and came to a close about a week ago. After my classes in Paris I traveled around Madrid, Spain for about a week and stayed with friends. Spain was so different from France. The culture is much more laid back, the food has a bit more kick, and in general the prices were much lower. I enjoyed wandering around the streets of Madrid because it was a nice change from the French way of life. I never felt the need to plan anything, which was nice. I am back in the United States and ready to start the beginning of my senior year! I feel like my design style has improved greatly and I am ready to use the tools I learned in Paris toward my future processes. I recently received photos that Paris American Academy had taken for me of the projects I completed.


The felt hat I created, with three different shades of ribbon and a vintage button!


This was my feather project. The feathers I used were Ostrich and Pheasant.


This was the project I worked on everyday while I was in Paris with over fifty hours of hand sewing. This skirt was based on the Madame Gres technique, which was taught by Madame Picco who worked with Madame Gres for over thirty years!

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